Hi, I'm Austin.

My parents didn't teach me to avoid strangers on the internet, and look where it's gotten me.

If you don't have a gel pen I will buy you one because I firmly believe that it is the world's greatest writing instrument. (Second place goes to Pentel brush pens, and third is like, a $1500 fountain pen or something.)

Let's chat about scifi & your favorite essay website & hand lettering & the best prosciutto hors d'oeuvre you've ever eaten.


Thank you to these wonderful people who have mentored, inspired, or eaten a donut with me when everything started to seem a little overwhelming: Ryan FrankDeb MorrisonJulia ParrisAndy RossbackHannah TaborIvar Vong, Vic Pineiro, Lukas Thoms, and Wolfpupy.

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